Auto Post RVs On Craigslist

Can RV dealers auto post their RV inventory on Craigslist?

Auto Post RVs on Craigslist

As we’ve been providing RV SEO and RV web design for dealers for quite a while, this is the question that we get asked about most often: “Can you take the RVs that we have on our website and automatically post them to Craigslist?”

The answer is unfortunately, “No”.

I’ve contacted craigslist every year asking them when they will allow automated posting or bulk posting and the answer is always:


Craigslist does not provide that service at this time.

Craigslist makes it very clear in their guidelines that they DO NOT allow automated postings to their system what-so-ever. And, if you get caught automatically posting, your account will be closed.

They do allow bulk posting to Craigslist, but only for certain categories that you can find here. They allow bulk postings for Car & Truck dealers, but not for RV dealers. Bum deal!

So currently you have to manually create each listing by hand.

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